Catina - Hippophaë rhamnoides

Sea Buckthorn - Hippophae rhamnoides L. (Fam.Elaeagnaceae).

Species description. The plant is known as the sea buckthorn sea buckthorn or bad. This species is a shrub off-white, highly branched and spin, which grows in our coastal sand and gravel starting up in the mountains, sometimes forming large groves and bushes enough. The branches grow fruits grouped as clusters of orange.

Plant product used. Fruits are used for medicinal purposes.

Healing action and the energy centers and channels of energy:
presents very good at chakra healing effect Swadisthana (s, c, d), heal and energize energy left channel. For treatment, fruits should be used as a tea infusion, the amount of two tablespoons of crushed fruit in 500 ml. water. Tea is drunk in several occasions during the day.

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